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Season 4 "Rather Be Lucky Than Good" DVD

Season 4 "Rather Be Lucky Than Good" DVD

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4 Hour 2 Disc Set Bow and Gun ALL PUBLIC LAND HUNTING DVD

"Rather Be Lucky Than Good"

The title says it all.... "LUCK" a term often forgot in the hunting world. Over the years "SKILL" has been mistaken for "LUCK" in stories of big bucks being killed. Hunters tend to forget the amount of uncontrollable outcomes and variables that come along with hunting. So you hear these stories of "SKILL" when the reality of it is a big percent of success is "LUCK".

With that said this production is an exact showcase of the reality and understanding of "LUCK". It is full circle to our first season "Beginner's Luck". Once you understand "LUCK" is also a variable you can add it to your arsenal and strategize with it in mind to further your success or just "Rather Be Lucky Than Good".

Tyler Buhrman and The Crew

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